Yamaha YPG-635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand Piano Your Best Choice?

This is a very nice digital piano that combines great features with exceptional piano tones.

The Yamaha sounds remarkably like a real piano, within the limitations of its speakers. Being digital, it also offers all the benefits of modern electronics. With full DSP you can alter the sound and even get simulated concert hall acoustics.

The weighted key action is top-notch and very piano-like, with a better feel than some real pianos in terms of consistency and smoothness.

The internal amp and speakers supply a clean and crisp sound. For the complete piano experience and sound, some owners recommend getting the optional pedal assembly, which is a piano-like triple pedal attachment with a soft pedal, a full sustain, and a left hand sustain.

Novices will find many instructional features in the product. For example, the digital display shows the music and the corresponding piano keys to play. If you’re an accomplished pianist, you can simply press one button that turns off the bells and whistles, transforming the instrument into a regular piano.

This is a great piano substitute for apartment dwellers, with its volume control and headphone jack to prevent the neighbors from complaining. A minor point to be aware of – the maximum volume on this instrument isn’t terribly loud, so if you want to use it in a group setting or for performance, you’ll probably want external amplification.

The Yamaha YPG-635 digital piano is suitable for a wide range of musicians, from beginners to more advanced recreational pianists. It produces excellent sound, offers lots of features, and comes at a reasonable price (especially if you catch it on sale).

ImageProductPriceRatingBuy Now
Yamaha YPG-225 $$4.5/5Check Price Here
Yamaha YPG535 $$$4.5/5Check Price Here
Yamaha YPG625 $$$3.0/5Check Price Here
Yamaha DGX-660 $$$4.6/5Check Price Here

Here are some of the features of the Yamaha YPG-635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand Piano:

  • – Sequencer: 6 track / 5 songs / 10,000 notes
  • – Keyboard: 88 GHS weighted action MIDI USB slave
  • – Display: large 320 x 240 b/w LCD
  • – Storage Device: 1.5MB Flash + USB to device
  • – Effects: 9 reverb / 4 chorus / 5 EQ / DSP
  • – Item Weight: 100 pounds

Here is what current owners have to say about the Yamaha YPG-635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand Piano:

P. Ziolek: “I am very pleased with this keyboard after owning it for a month. I like the action of the keys and the “ease of use”. I have played many keyboards the past 20 years and this is one of my favorites. Although the sound reproduction through the speakers is very good, there is nothing like a good set of headphones attached. Close your eyes and it’s easy to imagine the original instrument playing.If you’d like more information about the Yamaha YPG-635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand Piano.