Yamaha psr i455 vs Roland e09 Comparison

Which  instrument specially designed for the Indian Music.Still in confusion that which one is the best one Yamaha PSR i455 or Roland e09. Here we will differentiate both digital piano  according to the needs of digital piano.

Yamaha PSR i455

Yamaha PSR i455 is specially designed for the Indian Music. It comes with the 753 voices of different Indian Musical Instruments and 206 styles. It has so many tabla beats suitable for the Indian Music. Best for the personal use.

Raga Practice mode is introduced in this model to cater the need of the Indian musicians. You can easily practice the  Bilawal, Khamaaj, Bhairav, Kalyan, Asavari, Kalyani, Hamsadhvani, Mohanam, Hindolam, and Sankarabharanam.

Roland e09 Digital Piano

This is also made for the Indian Musicians with interactive Indian music styles. Best tool for the Bollywood music type songs. Music Assistant is introduced for the better and quick use of this digital piano. You can easily learn the Indian Classical on this digital piano.


  • You can enjoy different Indian instrument sound on this single digital piano. You can enjoy sitar, santoor shehnai and   Tabla.
  • 676 tone with 56 Indian Voices.
  • 133 music assistant It have for the better use of this digital piano.


FeaturesYamaha psr i455Roland e09
No of Keys61 Keys61 Keys
Polyphony32 voices64 voices
Tempo11 to 28020 to 250
Styles206 (incl.Indian 23 styles)130 Styles
DisplayCustom LCDCustom LCD
Weight6.8kg(15lbs 0oz.)7.3 kg
16 lbs. 2 oz.
Tones-614 + 256 (GM2)
Effects-Multi-FX: 47 types
Reverb9 types8 types
Chorus4 types8 types
PriceClick here for PriceClick here for the Price

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Both of above digital piano specially designed for the Indian music. If you are interested in the Indian music as well then both of above can be the right fit for you.