Yamaha P115b Digital Piano Is it Best for Beginner?

Yamaha P115 is the top selling digital piano across the world, which is pretty good. Here we will discuss the kind of mechanics of this digital piano.It comes with the 88 keys just like the acoustic piano. It is heavier on lower register and lighter on heavier register. Just like a digital piano.

In term of connectivity two headphones outputs on very front of you. This feature is best for you if you want to practice silently with the your teacher or companion.  There is an option of left and right audio, you can use it in live performance.

It has the sustain pedal and USB port so that you can  transfer the data to the computer or mobile devices. SO if you want to send the data or just send some recording this is the great tool.

P115 has the real CF sound engine which makes it best selling acoustic digital piano. So you have world class acoustic digital piano sound in this portable piano.

Besides the sound it has the built in speakers. In this you have 13 voices preset in this digital piano.  So basically you have mixture of stage piano like electric piano string, vibraphone organ sound in this digital piano.

Also in this digital piano some other cool features are like 192 polyphony  which is quite impressive in this model of digital piano.  In this piano we have the built in sound recorder

Yamaha is the one of the Digital Piano in P series which is the alternative of the traditional acoustic piano. Yamaha is the biggest brand in the Industry of Piano. It specialize in sound and piano keys. In some cases Digital Piano is better as compare to the acoustic piano and vice versa. Here We will discuss about the features, pros and cons of the P115. As price is quite good so the Yamaha have added the better features. Apart from the features it is simple and easy to use as compare to the acoustic Piano.  From the portability point of  view you can easily carry Yamaha P115 any where.

Yamaha digital Piano in P Series comes with the added features. This is the most demanding Digital piano in P series because of the price and quality added.


  • CF Sampling: CF Sampling is the out come of the so many year of experience of Yamaha in the piano field. Yamaha is the brand leader when we talk about the best CF Sampling. Yamaha grand piano famous due to to the CF III Sampling.  CF sound engine helps the pianist in expression of tone and music.
  • Built in Rhythms: For practice Yamaha has introduce the rhythm pattern  which can be used in the performance and can be use as virtual drummer.
  • 88 Key Action: This digital piano have the 88 keys action.
  • Polyphony:  is important for the digital pianist. It ensures the clear sound while playing multiple notes simultaneously.
  • CF Sound Engine: This piano has the CF sound Engine improve the quality of sound and much more.

 Conclusion: Yamaha P115 B is the best one digital piano