Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Keyboard: Is it Best Yamaha Keyboard you Should buy?

The 61-key Yamaha EZ-200 keyboard was designed to make learning to play easy, fast, and fun. It boasts a lot of features that allow complete novices to sit down and start playing songs within minutes.

There are 100 built-in songs to get you started. The keys light up and the display tells you which finger to use.

The keys of the EZ-200 keyboard have a responsive spring that is very like that of an acoustic piano. This is important for making the transition to a regular piano later.

The keyboard sounds very nice in its default setting, but if you want a more realistic piano sound, press the Portable Grand button to instantly reset the keyboard to the warm and clear tones of stereo-sampled piano.

In addition, there are 100 built-in musical styles such as rock, big band and country that let you play songs in any style you like. The backing tracks will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you.

One thing that sets this keyboard apart is its level of polyphony (the number of sounds that can be made at the same time). When playing music, the more sounds that can be made at the same time, the better. But because simultaneous sounds require lots of computer memory, many electronic keyboards are limited to only 12 or 16 notes of polyphony. The EZ-200, on the other hand, has 32 notes of polyphony, far more than some other keyboards in this price range.

This keyboard is great for kids and also suitable for adult learners. Novices will be rewarded by making great-sounding music right off the bat, and the keyboard can adjust to more advanced playing skills as needed.

This model has a lot of features that are usually seen in more expensive digital keyboards. The bundle also comes with stand, headphones and other accessories, giving good value for the price. All in all, this is a good beginner’s keyboard that will please from day one and continue to bring musical enjoyment for a long time.

Here are some of the features of the Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle:

  • – 61 full size keys
  • – 32 notes of polyphony
  • – 367 high-quality tones
  • – Learn to play the “EZ” way instructional method
  • – Stereo speakers
  • – Measures 45.8 x 9.5 x 18.2 inches; weighs 32 pounds
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Here is what current owners have to say about the Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle:

Ocean: “For someone looking for instant gratification, this keyboard offers just that. Open the box, read the simple instructions and begin playing even classical pieces because the keyboard will tell you where to put your fingers exactly! From there you can memorize the piece yourself so you can play without needing the assistance. Great Idea”

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