Things You Need to know before Choose Your Piano

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Here are some questions you need to know answers of all of these

How to choose your piano?

Digital piano or real piano?

Used or New? Should we rent it or buy it?

I will try to answer all these questions!

Choose your piano:

So, you have just enrolled your child for piano lessons. Did you first think that half an hour a week is enough?

You will therefore have to make room and choose your piano to practice between lessons! As we have already seen previously (working on the piano) the most important work will be done at your place.

You will therefore spend a lot of time on your keyboard, so choosing your piano is an important decision!

To choose your piano, there are several possibilities:

  • Digital piano or real piano
  • Rent or buy
  • New or used
  • Grand or upright piano
  • German or Japanese
  • Known brand or Low-Cost
  • Etc …

We will see together that it is not that difficult to choose your piano …

Digital piano or real piano:

First, is it really worth investing in a real piano?

Choose your digital piano:

In fact, a digital piano doesn’t have to cost less than a real piano. If you choose an electric piano in particular, it will have to be of good quality!

  • The criteria for choosing a digital piano
  • 88 keys
  • Hammer mechanics
  • It must be a piece of furniture and not just a keyboard
  • The 3 pedals must be embedded and not flying
  • A good piano bench to sit well
  • Therefore, do not buy a toy or a synthesizer (arranger): it is another instrument! So the only thing that matters is that the student can learn to play the piano. Buying a used digital piano is not necessarily the best idea … Everything is electronic, we do not know the problems are there!

It takes a minimum of 400 $, below it is difficult to find good quality. For a few euros more you can easily find a used piano.

Advantages of the digital piano

  • The price (although you can find second-hand pianos for the same price range)
  • The place (Attention! You will need a piece of furniture, so the gain is not huge either …)
  • Neighbors! If you have an apartment and don’t want to disturb the neighbors. The digital piano is then the least expensive solution. We will see later that there are other possibilities.


  • The digital piano does not have the same feel as a real piano. It disturbs the student. Some sellers will tell you the opposite. No! I have tried a lot of digital pianos before and I can tell you that it is not the same.
  • The sound is really different and sounds artificial.
  • You can often find used pianos at the same or even cheaper.
  • Since you have to buy a piece of furniture anyway, then a digital piano doesn’t necessarily take up less space.
  • All buttons are completely unnecessary and distract him more than anything else.
  • However, the digital piano motivates the student less than a real piano. You can feel the difference. Many students who had lost their motivation regained their taste as soon as they bought a real piano.
  • A piano is for life. But an electronic piano … it holds the time of electronics. Think about the next time you’re going to change your phone.
  • When the student progresses, he will have to buy a real piano anyway
  • If you want to buy a digital piano, avoid second-hand digital pianos. It is not known how they were maintained.

So, digital piano or real piano?

Beginners who buy a digital piano find it difficult to play the course because the feel is different. Often they hit the key but nothing comes out because they don’t pick up the note all the way. On a digital piano you don’t need to lift the key all the way.

I have also noticed that students progress faster when they have a real piano.

Be careful not to buy a toy! But a musical instrument.

If you have no choice and want to buy a digital piano,

Rent or buy:

I understand that choosing your piano is intimidating, but renting is the worst possible solution!

I have students who have spent 5 years with a rental piano! Do the math: $ 50 per month * 12 = $ 600 per year * 5 = $ 3,000! For that price you could already have bought a beautiful new piano!
Some stores offer credits with a trade-in option. If you stop the piano, the store will take it back, otherwise the piano will belong to you at the end of the loan.
If you don’t want to spend big bucks, you can head to a used piano.

Here is the digital piano you might be interested in

New or Used piano:

If the budget allows it and you want to indulge yourself, you might as well buy a new piano directly! It’s like a car, a new is better.

Keep in mind that there are also great opportunities that can be found for much less.

I would still like to draw attention to piano vendors! Obviously you can run into someone good … But, with my experience, they are salespeople so you shouldn’t buy into all their words. Their main goal will be to sell you their most expensive piano!
I advise you to come up with a fixed price idea! You can listen to what he has to say to you, but don’t get sucked into it. A 6 year old student doesn’t always need a $ 10,000 Jump! So come armed and educated. Know what you want, compare and come up with a price order before you walk into a store.

The “Silent” system:

The Silent system allows you to mute the piano without disturbing the neighbors. You will need a new piano where the system is already installed from the factory. Do not add a system, despite what the seller will tell you. In general these systems are installed on rather high-end piano. You can find pianos for 3000 $, but on average my students pay 5000 $ minimum.

Grand piano:

If you have the space and the budget, buy a grand piano! It looks better, it sounds better, but it’s not essential either. Be careful not to buy an old saucepan that is 150 years old, the piano must be 20 to 30 years old at most. Not an old piece of furniture with candles (at least not for learning to play). You have to count at the very least 10,000 $. Looking for the economical option here is the option

German or Japanese piano:

German pianos are excellent for playing in concert. Japanese pianos are cheaper and I recommend them to work. They sound more mechanical so it will be easier to adapt in concert.
Who can do the least can do the most!

The great concert performers will probably tell you the opposite

Piano brand or sub-brand:

Branded pianos are better. The sub-brands are sold as a low-cost brand built in the old Yamaha or Kawai factory. The only difference is the materials, but if you’re under budget a sub-brand will do just fine too. You just have little parts to fix every now and then, and more maintenance to do.


Obviously a point to take into account is the maintenance of the piano. A digital piano is virtually maintenance free. A new piano will require less maintenance than an old piano. A brand will be of better quality than a sub-brand but more expensive.

How to choose your used Piano:

First you can go to the store, sometimes they have great deals for too much money. The advantage is that the transport is already taken into account. Also often the first chord! Which saves us around 200 to 300 $.

Secondly on second hand sites! Sometimes there are even pianos to give away, but you have to be careful! People want to get rid of their piano because their kids are gone and they need space. Or else no one has played it for years.

The piano must look new. If he has candle holders, that’s no good! Also pay attention to the soundboard, if it is cracked the piano is dead.

So the easiest way would be to look at a piano that you like. Then ask a professional what they think. If you know of movers they will be able to move it to you. So we can get away with a little overhaul for around $ 500-600. Under this budget you can buy it

In summary:

If you have money, then buy a grand piano or a new piano in the store! But come armed knowing what you want.
Rather than renting, I recommend credit with the option to buy! Never rent, you will regret it.
Don’t hesitate to look for used pianos, you can really find some good deals.