Roland Fp 30 vs Yamaha p115: Major Difference.

Roland Fp 30 vs Yamaha p115 both of piano are around same price roughly there is around 70$ difference between these two piano. Both of the piano have the unique features, from the portability point of view buyers are considering the weight. Here in this Roland is heavier than  Yamaha. So from portability point of view Yamaha is easy to carry any place.

Weighted Keyboard Action: Both of the Piano have weighted keyboard Action that means you feel resistance when you play these piano. It means piano sound according to the amount of pressure we apply.

Roland   keys have slightly textured finish and Yamaha have the shiny keys.

Sound: You will feel the variety of sound on same tune and same piece of music. Music is almost same on both of the piano.

Roland FP30 Digital Piano:


  • This is the 88 keys digital piano.
  • It has the stereo speakers with the impressive sounds.
  • Compact and light weight easy to transport.
  • You can easily connect with the Bluetooth to any device.

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review:


  • It has the graded hammer action.
  • Its 88 key digital piano.
  • CF sound sampling feature is inbuilt in the digital piano.

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Yamaha P115 Review

Conclusion: Both brands are the best providing the value in their products.

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