Where Should I place my Digital Piano?

At Digital Piano Review, we want to give you as much information as we can to help you. Knowing the details before purchasing a digital piano is really important. Before you go ahead and buy one, you will need to examine if your home has enough room for one. You also need to figure out where to put it. So, in this article, we will cover the best and worst places to put this instrument at home.

The best and worst places

Before we start listing the best and worst places, here’s something you know. Compared to acoustic, or grand pianos, the digital ones are less sensitive to extreme conditions. That’s a good thing. This is because of the type of materials. Materials such as metal, plastic, cables, circuit boards, glue, or magnets can handle extreme condition. But that’s only to a certain extent, so you still need to be careful.

However, if you have an upright piano, extreme conditions are not a good thing. This is because the upright ones are made of wood. The wood can extend, and easily contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

While heat, cold, or humidity may not be a huge problem, condensation is. If you place your piano near the window during rain or snow, or moist basements, condensation can occur. Also, avoid placing it near the stove in the kitchen. The steam from it also causes condensation. Keeping away from condensation can avoid electrical problems.

Speaking of extreme temperatures, avoid placing close to heaters, or radiators. Also keep it out of direct sunlight. Or else the color may fade. Also don’t place any instrument in high-traffic areas in your home. By that, we mean foot traffic. You obviously don’t want any damages occurred by tripping or falling over the instrument.

So to sum up, the worst places to put a digital piano include: near the window, close to a heater, close to the kitchen stove, and areas with high foot traffic.

If you avoid these worst places, it’s safe to place the instrument in your living room, dining, bedroom, family room, large hallway, or any open space. Proper care and maintenance is crucial. Remember to figure out the best and worst places in your home before buying one.

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