Piano Mover NYC

How We transport a piano?

During the move there are a thousand things to think about, and to the long list it would certainly not be pleasant to have to add the transport of an instrument as heavy and bulky as a piano. Also, given its size and delicacy, concern for its safety will be your priority.

Therefore, if you need to lift your piano during the move, we strongly recommend that you contact a specialized moving company. Indeed, experts will be able to ensure the safety of your instrument which, given its size and weight, would be very complex to transport independently.

With the aim of making the process of transporting your piano 100% transparent, we have highlighted the basic steps for you:

  • Inspection: the measurements of the instrument and those of the spaces for which the piano will have to be transported are taken. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises …
  • Disassembly and packaging: if it is necessary to remove parts, they will be disassembled before starting the actual move of the piano, as in the case of the feet in grand pianos. Everything will then be packed with protective materials to prevent the top from being scratched or traumatized.
  • Lifting: Now that it is well packed, the instrument is lifted and placed on the special trolleys so that it is easier to transport, and that it does not damage the floor.
  • Relocation: the piano is transported out of the building and carefully loaded onto the van. This step is extremely delicate if the piano has to be moved from high floors. In fact, it will be necessary to use an aerial platform, which will transport your piano to the ground floor using a forklift. Beware of pedestrians!
  • Travel by van: the instrument will be secured with transport straps and taken to its destination.
  • Placement: your piano has finally arrived in the new house! Experts will help you put it in the optimal position with all the necessary tools.

Our advice : Do not move your piano in extremely humid periods; so, if you can, avoid scheduling it in autumn or winter!

As you may have guessed, transporting a piano is not an easy affair! If you care a lot about your instrument, we strongly advise you to rely on experts so that this operation is carried out in the best possible way.

DIY piano transport:

Are you convinced of your weightlifting skills and want to decide to undertake this undertaking independently? We warn you that moving the piano alone will not be a walk, and that in addition to physical effort, if you are not an expert, you will risk forgetting or even damaging your instrument. In any case, we at Sirelo will try to give you specialized advice for DIY moving:

1. Get the tools you need

To transport the plane on your own, first equip yourself with all the necessary equipment, such as:

A van of the correct size
Transport straps
Work gloves
A cart for pianos
Plastic cover sheets and blankets to protect your piano

2. Don’t forget to take your measurements carefully!

This applies to both the new house and the stairwells and elevators (if any). This way, before you start transporting the piano, you will be sure that it can pass through all doors and be optimally positioned in the room.

3. It’s time to put some elbow grease in it …

As we have already told you, this do-it-yourself transport will not be easy, ask for the help of at least 5 or 6 trusted friends and get busy!

Our tip: Remember! The piano must be handled with extreme care, never dragged on the ground, and gently placed and lifted!

Moving companies for pianos near me:

Have you decided to opt for the help of a specialized company? Congratulations, moving your piano will be as easy as drinking a glass of water! Below you can find a list of the movers closest to you who are ready to help you.

Don’t worry if your city isn’t on this list, try to request a quote that fits perfectly with what you need!


A piano is not just a simple piece of furniture, but an instrument you are certainly very fond of. Take particular care of organizing the transport of your piano through a company of specialists. This way you will be sure that the instrument arrives safe and sound, and you can start your life in the new home on the right note!