Online Digital Piano Lessons are worth it or not in 2023

Many piano teachers use acoustic pianos for lessons. However, they are very expensive. As digital pianos are an affordable alternative, many piano schools use them to teach beginners. Before, using digital pianos for lessons was out of question. That’s because their sound and feel wasn’t comparable to acoustic pianos. But over the past few years, that has completely changed.

The digital pianos today feature excellent sound quality. The feel of the keys is very similar. No wonder they’re becoming more popular. And best of all, they require no tuning. So no more hefty bills. As a result of their affordability, many schools are purchasing digital pianos to teach aspiring pianists.

Also, independent teachers are beginning to use them to teach their students. What’s also great is the headphone outputs that come with pretty much every digital piano. Another great features for learners include metronome, and duet mode – in which two people can play simultaneously. This makes the learning experience better for both the instructor and the student.

While the 88-keys piano are standard, some teachers even use 76-key models. However, it’s better to stick to 88-keys. If you’ll be providing your instrument for the lessons, it’s a good idea to invest in a digital piano for the new learner in your home. This saves you a lot of money as you get excellent features for a reasonable price. The ideal price range for entry and mid-level models is $500-$1,000.

However when the student becomes more advanced, it’s better to switch to an acoustic piano. That doesn’t mean that digital pianos can’t be used by professionals. Many high-end models by Yamaha and Roland cater to advanced pianists. With technology continuously advancing, there will be time when it will be difficult to tell the difference between digital and acoustic pianos.

Piano lessons online:

Watch the video and find out how online piano lessons work
Online piano lessons are ideal if you have difficulty scheduling regular lessons in a music school, cannot reach a teacher in person or have little time to devote to music.

With online piano lessons, you can teach whenever you want, at home, even in the evening. All you need is a computer, a webcam, an internet connection, and the desire to learn to play! Piano lessons on Skype are comfortable and affordable for everyone.

Do you play the piano and are not satisfied with your progress?
Do you always play the same songs and can’t make progress?
Would you like to learn more difficult pieces, but don’t know how to deal with them?

There are no miraculous tricks or methods to learn music, it takes time, effort and guidance from an experienced teacher. Sometimes, however, it is not easy to find a teacher close to home, often music schools have limited hours or impose a fixed schedule, which not everyone can respect. In this case, online piano lessons can represent a practical solution, which allows you to optimize times by teaching when you can, without a fixed weekly commitment. Also, if you take piano lessons on Skype you don’t waste time physically going to the music school for your piano lesson, you meet the music teacher at your home, at the times most convenient for you.

Organize Work… to Improve:

If you play alone, you have most likely gone around in circles, always playing the same things without improving. If you want to make progress the most important thing is to organize your work and know how to practice to push your limits and play better and better. So my first goal is to establish a personalized study program with you, and then help you put it into practice. Instead of playing random songs, or jumping from one YouTube video to another trying to learn, I will provide you with the right songs for you. Growing up will be easier and you’ll stop wasting your precious time on the piano and music.

How online piano lessons work:

The first meeting:

First we’ll have a chat on the phone, I’ll ask you to tell me who you are, how long you’ve been playing and what your interests are. We will thus be able to decide together a personalized study plan, based on your goals and the time you can dedicate to music. We will then make an appointment for the first online lesson.

The first lesson:

In the first online piano lesson I will ask you to play what you already know how to do. Thanks to the chat before the lesson, I will already have concrete study proposals for you: exercise books, passages to study. In this way, at the end of the first piano lesson on Skype you will already know what you need to do to improve, you will start practicing the piano with much clearer ideas.

The study materials:

After over 25 years of teaching, my digital archive of books and scores is boundless. A lot of the materials are original, written by me for my students. In addition to providing you with the right study materials for you, I will always be available to prepare exercises, recorded examples (audio and video), didactic cards to help you overcome difficulties. I will take care of the study materials, you will not have to buy other books and waste more time: you start playing and improving immediately.

Do you need help?

Between one piano lesson and another, at any time you can write me an email or on Whats App if you encounter any particular difficulties or need advice and help. I will be happy to lend you a hand and help you get back to work, without wasting time. I always like when a student of mine writes to me because he has some difficulties: it means that he is practicing the piano and that he is trying to make progress.

Whether it’s an advanced student or an amateur, the pleasure of talking about music is always the same for me. Each person is different and must make his own path, I try to adapt and be of help.

My mission is not to convey notions, but to convey passion. I’m lucky because I have a job I love, and I never get tired of talking about music. Online piano lessons are a way to make new friends, meet and help students in many different places.

If you need piano lessons on Skype, count on my help. Write to me and tell me what I can do for you. I look forward to hearing from you!