Korg B1 88 key Digital Piano Review

The good thing about the korg is they are mostly affordable and best in the features. If you are newbie and want to try different musical instruments and tight in budget. There is no need to spend extra money  to buy an expensive piano if you are not 100 percent sure to learn a piano.

Here we will study about this piano in very detail. Here we will explain why this shining piano in just under $500.

Here We will start from the features of piano.

Korg B1 Digital Piano88 KeysCheck out the Latest Price3.3/5
Korg B1SP Digital Piano88 KeysCheckout the Latest Price4.4/5
Korg STB1 Digital Piano88 Keys
Checkout the Latest Price
Yamaha P71 Digital Piano88 KeysCheck Out the Latest Price4.3/5
Korg LP180BK Digital Piano88 KeysCheck out the Latest Price4.1/5

Description of the Korg B1 Digital Piano:

Korg B1 is the one of the most economical digital piano. Streamline design stand out from the crowd of digital piano, because of authentic keyboard touch, excellent sound quality and easy to use features. Korg B1 Best for those who want to start to learn a piano.

Key Features of the Korg B1 Digital Piano:

  • Price of the piano is under budget ie $500.
  • It is the 88 Key Digital Piano with the weighted keys.
  • It comes with the Pedal and music stand.
  • It has the chorus and reverb feature better for the piano learner who are in the primary stage.
  • Sounds of the Piano is digitally function to improve the quality of the sound.
  • Keyboard touch is quite authentic and sound class is very high.
  • Designed in such a way to exceed the expectation of the digital piano.
  • MFB technology has been used in the  Korg B1 Digital Piano to achieve the high quality of tones.

Key Specification of the Korg B1 Digital Piano.

  • Weight of the Korg B1 Digital Piano — 26 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 13.2 x  4.6 Inches.
  • Power Cord, book stand and foot pedal is included in the Box.
  • Good thing about the Korg B1 Digital Piano It can reproduce the damper resonance and string vibration.


  • 88 Keys Digital Piano in economical price.
  • It is easy to use the Korg B1 Digital Piano, As It is advance by the technology but simple by the design.
  • Keys are heavier in upper region and lighter in the lower region and apart from this keys are much superior quality.
  • Another great feature have Korg B1 Digital Piano, You can set the Keyboard at low, normal or heavy as per you requirement.
  • You can Embed the three pedal sustain pedal in this Digital Piano.


  • Stand is not included in the accessories, so you need to purchase the piano separately.
  • You need to purchase the sustain pedal separately.
  • Distortion Occur when low frequency reproduce the sound.


In final Thought We can Say that under such price Only korg and provide all features in Single digital Piano. It is quite good for the beginners  but certainly there are so many feature need to be added in this piano to meet the requirement of the experienced pianist.