Why You should Not Buy Used ( Second Hand) Digital Piano?

Digital Piano Review brings you this article on the disadvantages of buying a used or second-hand digital piano. Digital Piano Review previously wrote 2 articles on buying used (read part 1 here) and (part 2 here). They covered things like where to buy used instruments, how to inspect before purchasing, and brief on pros and cons of buying online.

Digital Piano Review – What are the disadvantages?

Firstly, you may get a user guide or manual if you’re lucky. Otherwise, it will take hours to understand how to use the instrument. You may have trouble finding instructions if the model is really old.

There is no warranty. Unlike stores offering 1-5 years of warranty, private sellers don’t offer any warranty. Having no warranty means if something goes wrong with the instrument, you won’t be covered. With a warranty, you will at least get your money back in case you’re not satisfied.

The condition can vary, too. You could get either good or poor condition. Poor condition can mean the need for repairs. The cost to repair can depend on what needs to be replaced. It may cost you a few bucks. Or it may cost you a fortune. So it’s best to avoid digital pianos that require repairs.

Speaking of repairs, it may be difficult to get parts that need to be replaced. If you have an older model, you may not be able to find parts since manufacturers don’t have those in stock. If you can’t find parts, there is still an alternative. That would be a technician specializing in pianos. The labor cost for that may be too much, especially if you’re charged by the hour.

Some stores may or may not allow returns on used instruments. But private sellers don’t accept returns. When buying from a store, make sure you ask about their return policy. Some stores will offer 7 days for returns, and some may offer as much as 30 days. If buying from a private seller, properly inspect the instrument so won’t regret your purchase.

Something else to consider when buying used is potential damages from shipping. When buying used privately, it’s best to pick up the instrument in person. The private seller may not have proper shipping materials to ensure safer delivery. Online reputable stores will probably have such materials. When buying piano online make sure you read their feedback from other customers.

If you’re getting a used digital piano, the technology or the design might be outdated. The importance of this factor will depend on you. If you don’t care about having old styling or older technology, then go for it. Consider if the model you will be buying has the features you need. This way, you won’t be disappointed with your decision. We advise you to buy models that are no more than 5 years old.

We hope this article helps you if you’ll be buying used. Thank you for visiting Digital Piano Review.

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