Digital vs. Stage Pianos Which one to Choose?

Welcome to Digital Piano Review. In this article, we’ll briefly cover the differences between stage and digital pianos. Stage or portable pianos are primarily designed for portability. They are best for those who frequently perform on stage. So, carrying them around is much easier.

Digital Piano Review – What’s the difference?

Normally, you won’t just perform at a single venue. You will probably perform at difference stages at different venues. The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry the instrument in your car. But this is not limited to a stage instrument. In fact, most digital pianos today are not much different than stage ones. So, you still get sleek, portable design, with better sound and touch.

If you’re going to be taking your own instrument to performances, you’ll most likely need some accessories. Those include a soft or hard case, or bags specially designed for such instruments. You’ll also need a durable x-stand for the stage instruments. These stands can easily fold and fit in your car. Another type of a stand is a fixed stand. They are more stable and durable, but they can’t fold. So they’re not as portable as x-stands. Basically, fixed stands are better for home use and x-stands for stage.

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1) Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

2) Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano

3) Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano



Something great about stage pianos today is that they all come with built-in speakers. Older models didn’t have this feature, so separate speakers used to be essential. But, the cheaper models today may not have speakers. So avoid them and you’ll save yourself from buying separate speakers or amplifiers.

However, stage instruments usually have weaker speakers than the ones on digital pianos. That’s because of their slim design. If you’ll be performing in front of a really large crowd, then amplifiers may be necessary.

On the other hand, digital pianos have much better speakers. Some models also come with fixed stands. This is why they’re better for playing at home. With larger and better quality speakers, the sound is more powerful. The larger speakers, more mechanisms can fit since the size is larger than stage pianos do. So, as long as your digital piano is portable, taking it to a gig may not be a bad idea.

Digital Piano Review – Conclusion

With digital pianos, you get better quality of sound, but less portability. Stage pianos are much more portable, but sound quality isn’t as good. Get a digital one if you play at home mostly. And a stage one is better if you frequently travel to performances. If you still want high quality and portability together, there are some digital pianos on the market perfect for performances.

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