6 Best Musical Keyboards for Beginners 2023 – You Need to Know

Everyone should have a keyboard in the house. The point is to search for it among the best musical keyboards in the market. In fact, it is not uncommon to find yourself in trouble and have more than a few doubts in looking for the right tool for your needs.

Perhaps, you are about to buy one of the best professional musical keyboards or you are a beginner and want to have an instrument to accompany you along the learning path.

For this reason, we have decided to compile the best musical keyboards ranking to resolve some of the most pressing doubts.

If, after reading, you think there are still unanswered questions, you can leave a comment to get more comprehensive feedback from us.

Before you start reading our guide, there are some important points to make. First of all, when you want to buy a musical keyboard you need to have a full understanding of who the recipient of the instrument is, the budget you have available, the characteristics it must have.

No more chatter! The time has come to get to know the best musical keyboards. When you read our short reviews, try out different tools and compare them with each other. If that’s not enough, we encourage you to research their reviews on the web.

Ranking of best musical keyboards:

1. Casio WK-7600 PPK: High-end music keyboard:

Among the best brands of musical keyboards we have not forgotten to mention Casio, one of the most important companies in this category of musical instruments.

Whether you are a beginner or a musician with big ambitions, the Casio WK7600 will be right for you.

In fact, it is an excellent keyboard for those who love to play and want to try different sounds. It has 820 timbres, which is enough to keep you busy for a year or so – some of them are truly terrific.

It is truly a great addition to your home study and will encourage a beginner to practice more, as it offers endless possibilities for fun!

It is also unusual to have a sustain pedal with the keyboard and the fact that one is included here is just wonderful. It goes without saying that this keyboard was designed not only for beginners who cannot play but also for intermediate and advanced players.

2. Alesis Recital: digital piano with half-weighted keys:

Alesis, a very interesting brand in the field of electronic musical instruments, could not miss in the ranking of the best musical keyboards.

In reality, this second option is not one of the best musical keyboards but falls into the category of digital pianos.

Despite this, the instrument is a great option because it features over 500 different sounds and has 88 keys. In short, it is a musical keyboard and a piano at the same time. A real bomb!

Since this is a digital piano and not a keyboard, it is difficult to compare it to the keyboards in the list, but we thought it would be useful to include a digital piano as we are sure that many users may not realize the differences.

Alesis Recital is a full-fledged digital piano with the advantage of also having half-weighted keys and hundreds of sounds to choose from.

3. Roland RD-2000: Best professional musical keyboard

Among the best professional musical keyboards, the Roland RD-2000 could not be missing. Let’s make it clear immediately: we are talking about a higher level tool. The presence of Super NATURAL and V-Piano allows the Roland RD-2000 to achieve incredible sounds with the addition of the best weighted keys that Roland itself has managed to guarantee to players.

This model performs perfectly both during live and in the studio and is ideal for decidedly professional musicians.

The RD-2000 keyboard can be divided into 8 zones with individual sounds, you can layer up to 8 sounds to create unique patches. All created voices can be stored in the keyboard’s internal memory and are easily accessible when needed.

Control is key with this keyboard, you can control your DAW directly from the RD-2000, accessing sounds or activating loops and samples. All knobs and sliders are LED illuminated, which offers great visual feedback on a dark stage.

4. Casio PX-S3000 BK: Music keyboard with Bluetooth:

This keyboard marks the greatest technological advancement the Casio Privia range has seen since the original. The PX-S3000 is the thinnest keyboard piano in the world and it looks fantastic. The elegant casing is finished in a glossy black that befits a concert grand piano.

Incredibly, thanks to its slim design, the PX-S3000 has the most advanced hammer keys in the entire range.

The advanced AiR piano engine delivers a very rich and expressive sound that complements the weighted keys very well. To add to the dynamic range of the piano sound, you can customize aspects such as touch sensitivity and tonal balance.

There are 700 voices that can be stacked or divided in various ways. Combinations created using 96 registration memories can be saved and accessed easily.

Finally, it also has Bluetooth connectivity to stream tracks or music through the piano speakers from your smart device.

5. Rockjam 88: best budget music keyboard:

Among the best inexpensive musical keyboards is the Rock jam, a digital piano with 88 keys and integrated speakers. The frets of the instrument are semi-weighted and allow for velocity sensitivity to suit your musical style.

Despite being a beginner keyboard, the Rock jam is perfect for numerous musical styles and features 10 voices such as upright piano, synth, organ, guitar, bass, percussion.

The presence of the speakers does not limit the use of the musical keyboard even with headphones. In addition, there are jack outputs and USB inputs that make it even more versatile.

The Rock jam music keyboard is accompanied by the presence of an app available on Android and iOS that will help you play your favorite songs. All of this serves to enhance your overall educational experience.

6. Yamaha Digital Keyboard YPT-260: Compact musical keyboard, great for getting start:

The last in this ranking of the best musical keyboards is the Yamaha Digital Keyboard, an instrument with a compact design, light and easy to carry.

The Yamaha is the perfect instrument for beginners and for those who want to take their first steps in the world of music. Inside you’ll find over 400 quality sounds and 130 accompaniment styles.

In addition, you will have at your disposal 3 modes to learn how to play the instrument at its best and 112 songs to dabble in and show your improvements.

To be a low-end musical keyboard, the Yamaha performs discreetly even in more professional areas such as small gigs. The instrument is equipped with speakers and the sound is easily adjusted through the equalization options it is equipped with.

How to choose the best musical keyboards?

We are pretty sure that if you are planning to buy a musical keyboard, your career in the music world will be thriving and full of success. The lines you are about to read, on the other hand, will help you solve some of the most frequent doubts to choose the best musical keyboards 2020.

Our options are all available for purchase online, however you may want to physically go to a shop and experience the thrill of playing the instrument firsthand.

If you don’t know how to play, the store staff will give you a hand in order to understand what the different nuances are between one instrument and the other.

While trying out different instruments in a music store is the best way to select a keyboard, it can be really helpful to know the best brands of musical keyboards in order to narrow down to the most popular alternatives.

In fact, this is what you understood in our guide. Brands such as Roland and Yamaha have been present in the musical instrument field for centuries. Realities like these are a real guarantee even for the cheapest and most accessible tools with reduced budgets.

Best musical keyboards for beginners:

Not all of us are destined for the big stages. But this is not bad, quite the contrary. Depending on your intentions and your skill, you might settle for the best musical keyboards for beginners. For example, you don’t need many octaves of keys to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. The number of keys you need also depends on the genre you will play.

If you don’t just want to play pop and rock, but also want to play classical piano music, it’s probably a good idea to find a keyboard with as many keys as possible. A normal piano has 88 keys, although most pianists rarely use the high and low octaves. Therefore, consider this when looking for the best professional musical keyboards.

You should also be aware that many keyboards have smaller, unweighted frets, which could be annoying when playing classical music.

This isn’t a feature you necessarily need as a beginner, but if you can afford it, it will automatically improve your way of making music. As you improve, you will also feel the need for touch sensitivity.

Another aspect to consider is the presence of the number of sounds you will need to play your favorite genre. The best musical keyboards vary in this respect and can offer a few hundred sounds or thousands. Warning: the more sounds there are, the better the quality of the instrument will be. Bear in mind that most of these will not be used.

We advise you not to worry too much about which musical keyboard is the best with keys that light up, or that has built-in lessons. While these features are nice and can help your child or yourself progress, it’s a very limited way of learning and is likely to be fun only the first week.

In fact, if your intentions to learn to play the instrument are serious, it is better to watch the videos on YouTube rather than rely on the solutions present within the instrument.

All the keyboards on our list are great. It is impossible to answer which is the best professional musical keyboard 2020 because each instrument has its own characteristics, as does each musician.


In our conclusion, we wanted to give you further advice on how to choose the best musical keyboards. Many people confuse the piano with keyboards. What is the difference between the two tools?

The simple answer is: a keyboard has many sounds and is perfect for pop and rock, while a digital piano is the instrument you buy as a replacement for a classic piano. It has fewer sounds to choose from and is just a more comfortable instrument to keep at home than a large, bulky piano.

At this point, you will surely have a broader overview of which are the best brands of musical keyboards. For example, Yamaha keyboards are great instruments that suit any type of player. Musical keyboard brands are different, but for convenience we have chosen to list the ones that we, and the market, believe are most appreciated by musicians like you.

You just read about the best musical keyboards 2020. What was your verdict? Which instrument did you decide to orient yourself on? Do you prefer to choose a cheap or expensive music keyboard?