Casio CTK-2400 review: Does Casio CTK 2400 have weighted keys?

From quite a long time Casio is manufacturing the musical instruments. From this long time Casio have manufacture the so many wide range of brands to cater the need of the user.  Casio has launched the CTK series to fulfill the need of the young curious beginner who like to explore the enormous possibilities in the music field.

Casio CTK 2400 is portable 61 key keyboard with 400 built in sounds and you can create your own with built in sampling feature, So just press the button and you can record by just plugin the  So at a beginner level you can experiment with these sounds. So you will enjoy the lot of fun.

Casio CTK Piano


  • This is the one of the cheaper model still  its sound quality is quite good with a standard midi tone.
  • It comes with the 150 rhythms, so you can use it and experiment with it to make something new.
  • It has a USB midi so you can easily connect with the your computer or ipad without to need of the drivers.
  • Another great thing about the casio ctk 2400 is it has audio input, so you can plug in your mp3 player
  • So price of this keyboard you practically getting great speakers for your mp3 players, so great value with this product.
  • CTK 2400 has the lesson system, so you can utilize the display which will show you which notes to play as well.
  • 110 Built in songs using Casio step up lesson system. It makes quite easy to how to play a piano.

Technical Specs:

  • Number of Keys:  61 Piano Style
  • Polyphony: 48
  • Tones: 400
  • Rhythms: 150
  • Built in Songs: 110
  • Sampling: EFX Sampler
  • Recorder: N/A

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  • Full size piano keys gives the feel of real piano. This is the best piano if you want to play or learn or experiment with music.
  • Sampling and pad feature best for the creative music performance. Beginners will learn a lot while experimenting with sampling feature.
  • When we talk about the Casio CTK 2400 it offers the wide variety of tones and effects. As compare to price casio has added more features and functionality for the beginners.
  • LCD Screen is inbuilt for the proper use of the functionality of the piano features.
  • Price is quite very attractive and economical specially when we compare the features and specs with other piano. Simply best for the beginners.


  • It is not touch sensitive.
  • It has the just 61 Piano keys which are not weighted.
  • When we talk about the polyphony It just has 48 notes it means it only can generate 48 notes at a time.
  • It does not have the teaching ability, means two person at a time can not play it simultaneously.

Conclusion: It has all the features required for the beginners, but if you are looking something for the experienced piano player then it is not for you. As it is designed and module in a way to cater all the beginner need.

This is the one of the economical and design for the experimenting with songs.

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