Comparison of Casio cdp 130 vs Yamaha p45

Here we will review the price, specs and features of the Casio cdp 130 and Yamaha p45.

Here in brief Yamaha Sound quality is quite good as it use the CF Sound sampling engine which is not used in the P35 and prior model so Yamaha is ahead as compare to Casio CDP 130 when we talk about the sound.

In the Contrary Casio CDP has the plus point in the It has the 88 key scaled hammer action keyboard which is better in any sense as compare to the  Yamaha P45 Digital Piano.


Casio cdp 130:


  • Inbuilt 10 High Quality tones.
  • It has the three kind of digital effects Hall, Reverb and chorus.
  • In built Speakers are excellent with AHL sound.
  • It comes with the 88 keys and graded hammer action.
  • Polyphony of the piano is 48.
  • Light weight so easy to carry can be used in the live shows and concerts.
  • In accessory following items Ac adapter, User manual and switch style sustain pedal.
  • It comes in the black and silver color choose according to your choice.

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Yamaha p45:


  • Similar to the acoustic piano as it has the GHS weighted action.
  • 64 polyphony notes improves the quality of notes which ultimately improves the quality of sound.
  • It has the usb port can be used to connect with external device like computer or android mobile.
  • Dual mode ability helps you piano and string.
  • Well finish keys and less slippery makes it more preferable as compare to other digital piano.
  • Advance wave memory is used in the sound engine creates the deeper and richer sound.
  • Metronome function is also in the Yamaha p45 digital piano.



See the differences and similarity in the table

FeaturesCasio cdp 130Yamaha p45
No of Keys88 Keys88 Keys
ResponseTouch SenstiveTouch Senstive
ChorusPresentNot Present
No of Sounds10-
Preset Songs520
No of PedalsNot Present1
MIDIPresentNot Present
Weight31.6 pounds35.4 pounds
Dimension57.5 x 14.5 x 8.2 inches58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches
PriceCheck out the PriceCheck out the Price


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