Casio LK-100 Light Keyboard with Premium Quality and Display

This is a starter keyboard that is designed to get children excited about making music. Just set it up and they will be playing songs in no time.

The lesson system helps novices learn to play quickly by following the keys as they light up (more advanced players can turn off the lights if they prefer). The helpful on-screen fingering and timing indicators also simplify keyboard playing for beginner musicians.

With the auto accompaniment feature, you can specify a chord and the keyboard will automatically produce the matching rhythm, bass, and chord patterns. And with 100 built-in Song Bank tunes you have a broad range of music for playback enjoyment or practice.

This feature-rich keyboard sounds good but not quite like a piano. It also lacks the touch sensitivity that is an important part of learning to play a real piano. For these reasons, most people won’t find it appropriate for serious musical study.

This package comes complete with a stand, headphones, and an adapter. Within its limitations, the Casio LK-100 is a nice beginner keyboard that both children and adults can enjoy learning on and playing.

Here are some of the features of the Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard with Premium Accessories Package:

  • – Keyboard: 61 standard-size keys, 5 octaves
  • – On-screen fingering and timing indicators
  • – 100 amazingly realistic tones
  • – 3-Step Lesson System
  • – Key Light System (up to 10 keys can be lit at the same time)
  • – 50 built in auto-accompaniment patterns
  • – 100 built-in Song Bank tunes
  • – MIDI compatibility
  • – Weight: 24.3 pounds.
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Here is what current owners have to say about the Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard with Premium Accessories Package:
Stephen LaRosa: “This keyboard is great for anyone who is interested in learning to play. The keys light up to show you what keys to press and it speaks to you to tell you what finger to use. It has 3 different modes to move the student gradually on to more advanced lessons. Great price. Highly recommended.”

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