Casio CTK 6200 vs Yamaha PSR e443: Major Difference You Need to Know?

Digital piano

Casio CTK 6200 Keyboard is a nice instrument from performance point of view. It has nice grand piano sound. Keys are touch sensitive like a real digital piano. You can connect the sustain pedal with this keyboard. So many things you can do with this keyboard. You can play guitar sound on this keyboard. You can play built in drums and much more things you can do this keyboard.

It has a record button you can record the music and can replay as well. You can put the SD card to increase the memory of the keyboard and can be used as data transfer. Built in speakers are powerful and can be operate on batteries.

Yamaha PSR e443:

Here We will review the PSR E443. It is economical and affordable keyboard. It has 750 voice and 200 different kind of music styles. It has the ability of real time control of sound. It has the DJ beats and stereo inputs to connect with the laptop or phone. There in this keyboard a volume control and Metronome is also built in this keyboard.

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