Acoustic or Digital? What makes digital pianos different?


Should you buy an acoustic or digital piano?

If we want to buy a piano, to start we have to make the decision to buy an upright, a grand or a digital one.
We also have to decide if we want a new or a second hand piano. Within the second-hand pianos you must decide whether you want a brand new piano or a revised piano or  a keyboard from a store.

Here are some interesting facts and ideas to help you decide:

• A new acoustic piano can cost from $ 3,000 for an inexpensive studio upright, to $ 200,000 for concert grand pianos from top auditoriums.

• Pianos of all kinds are sold on the second-hand market. Given that we do not know the treatment it has received, and that over the years the piano can lose sound quality, it is always safer to look at the newest pianos possible, check their operation or be accompanied by an expert.

• From electronic pianos (new and with a weighted key) you can find the simplest ones from $ 600 to hybrid electronic pianos that reach $ 15,000. We do not recommend buying a second-hand electronic piano as its lifespan is shorter than that of an acoustic one and repairs are more complicated.

Digital pianos have many advantages:

-To be able to play at any time of the day.

-Vary the output volume.

-Easily record yourself and use different sounds.

-They do not need to be tuned.

-They have a low weight that allows them to be moved without problem.

It is important to take a digital piano with a weighted key and have a piano sound that you like, it is also important to have good headphones or good speakers if the keyboard ones are not.

The advantages of acoustic are that it produces a real sound, they are vibrating strings that transmit the vibration to a wooden harmonic table that is extensive, which makes the entire piano vibrate including the keys and pedals. The sound of the acoustic piano is immersive and is felt throughout the body, not just in the ears.
In addition, upright pianos have a long life (easily more than 40 years), while that of digital pianos does not usually reach 15 years.

What are the differences?

Basically, a digital piano is a modern electronic music instrument. Think of it like a combination of an electronic keyboard and a traditional acoustic piano. However, they are primarily designed as an alternative to acoustic pianos. This is because of similar feel and sound. Some models even look like traditional pianos, like the upright ones. They’re becoming increasingly popular since you get good quality for an affordable price.

While traditional acoustic models have better looks, feel, and sound, digital pianos still have many advantages over them. That’s not to say that the looks, feel, and sound are not impressive. Most importantly, digital pianos are usually less expensive. And, they require barely any maintenance. Also, most models take less space due to smaller size. Smaller size also means less weight, making these instruments very portable. You can easily carry around, place them in your car, or take them to gigs.

Since they are digital instruments, they have incorporated “digital” technology. Almost all brands’ models have USB and MIDI connections. This makes it easier to connect the instrument to a computer, transfer files, etc. Some features may include the ability to play many instruments’ sounds, such as guitars, organs, strings, and so on. You also get transposition and metronome features. There may be features to help players in learning and composing music.

As mentioned already, digital pianos require very little maintenance. Other than keeping away from direct sunlight. Or dusting the instrument; there is no required maintenance compared to traditional pianos. Because there are no strings, there is no need for tuning. This makes it easy to accommodate different temperaments depending on your needs. Plus it saves you time and money.

With all models, headphone output(s) are included, along with a duet mode. This means two players can play together simultaneously. For instance, a teacher and student can practice using the duet mode. You can put on headphones to avoid distracting others, as well as yourself from your surroundings. There is also no need to use microphones. This makes the recording process simple and also prevents audio feedback problem in sound reinforcement.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether digital pianos are right for you. We will continue providing digital piano reviews and informational posts to help you.

Digital Piano – The differences

Digital and acoustic instruments both have their advantages and disadvantages. But digital pianos have made an impressive jump over the past couple of years thanks to the technology. As a cheaper alternative to the traditional acoustic piano, digital pianos can be bought for thousands of dollars cheaper depending on the manufacturer and the specific model.

For prices as low as $50 for an entry-level model, $500 for a mid-level model, to almost $10,000 for a high-end model, you can get the instrument depending on your satisfaction needs. We personally think that you don’t need to spend such large amounts on these instruments. Even for a large range of $300 – $1,500, you can get excellent value and quality.

You will not be disappointed as long as you do your research before purchasing. We advise you to take your time analyzing what you need. Musical instruments, especially with large price tags are an important investment. You don’t want to regret your decision and become unsatisfied.

If you think that you don’t want the advantages of a digital piano such as, no maintenance, portability, benefits of the modern technology, and the option of practicing silently with headphones, you should look for a good deal on a new or used upright acoustic model. If you really want to splurge, you can get an acoustic piano with the silencing capability added. Sure you’ll be spending more, but you’ll get more value and quality.

Digital piano

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