Yamaha p45 vs Yamaha p115- Yamaha a Digital Piano

Well this is quite very tough question as both are branded piano with excellent quality to cater the slightly different taste of music lovers. First of all In Yamaha P stands for Portability it means you can easily carry in concert or in live shows. Actually Yamaha p45 vs p115 both are great piano.

Here we will discuss the difference between p45 and p115. As if we compare the price of p45 is much cheaper as compared to the p115.

  • Piano Sound: Sound of both of the piano almost identical but P115 is far better than P45 as it have extra bass feature and better speakers as compare to the P45.


  • Physical Size: Size of the both of the piano, P115 is slightly bigger as compare to the p45. Both have the same number of key ie 88 keys in both of the piano have the weighted keys. P11h have the matte finish on the black keys and P45 don’t have, Due to this P115 have the special touch as compare to the p45.


  • Sound and Voice: P115 has the more voices as compare to the P45. Both of the piano is able to do transpose of the keys. P115 is slightly expensive as compare to the P45 due to high sound quality. You can play more sensitively P115 ac compared to the P45 Piano. There is also one big difference ie polyphony (polyphony means amount of notes you can play on same time) number which is 192 for P115 as compare to the P45 have only 64. For beginner P45 is better as it has the lower polyphony number. If you are experienced then you can purchase the P115 as it has the high polyphony number which gives the extra feels when you play the piano.


  • Recording Feature: You can not record on P45, You need iphone to record the tune where as P115 has the record button you need to just press the record button. For a beginners recording is the wonderfull as you can listen and can easily correct you. Speakers are good in P115 as compare to the P45. There is the little boost in P115 as compare to the P45.


  • Pedal: You can attach all three pedals in P115 but you can not do that with the P45

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano:

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano:

Now the question is which Piano should You buy? Here If you are a beginner and learning the piano for part time and specially you are on budget then I would suggest the P45 Piano for you and if you are  experienced piano player looking for the better polyphony, better sound mechanism and sound recording the obviously I will recommend the P115 for the advance pianist who want to more learn about the notes and polyphony.

Editor Choice: P115 piano is better as compare to the P45 as it have many extra features like Pol phony, Better sound system, Better bass and recording feature make it outstanding as compare to the P45.

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