Yamaha P115 Vs Casio Px 160 Comparison

  • Yamaha and ┬áCasio are Light weight Piano From the portability point of view both are equally preferable.
  • Both the Piano have weighted keys it means when We press the white keys it offers some resistance.


Yamaha P115:


Casio Px 160 :

FeaturesYamaha P115Casio Px 160
No of Keys88 Keys88 Keys
Touch ResponseSensitive-
Sensitivity Levels43
Chorus-In Built
Preset Songs6460
No of Pedals11
MIDINot PresentPresent
SpeakersIn BuiltIn Built
Weight26 pounds90 pounds
Dimension58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches23 x 60 x 17 inches
PriceCheck out the PriceCheck out the Price

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