Yamaha P105 vs P115 Comparison – Piano Reviews

Yamaha P series of course most portable series, did occupy the little room. This p series is the middle series and there are the Yamaha models available above it and underneath in term of quality as well as price.
Now here we will discuss what is new in P115 model. When you will play the both of the Piano model, you will feel both are merely identical with same amount of keys and with same speaker size.

There are many things are similar in the both the models, but here we will discuss what is new in the P115 Model

1) Polyphony: They have increased the polyphony, polyphony means you can play the notes you can play at the same time. You have 10 figures and you can surely you not play more than 10 notes at a time. But you can use the pedal to play many notes at a time.

2) Higher Polyphony count does not decay the notes so quickly, so it’s give the extra feel. So P115 has higher the polyphony as compared to the P105.

3) In string piano I mean in traditional piano, you can play the there is the limit of the polyphony, as we can vibrate the string at some extent so digital piano gives the extra feels as compared to the other Traditional piano.

4) Recording: Recording is very easy in Piano P115 Just push the button above the Piano and paly the notes after this push again it saves back to the memory. You can listen it by pushing the play button.

5) live performance: You can cut out on board speakers; you can out put the sound signal to the bigger speakers in live performance.

6) Controller: P115 has the new controller and good thing is that it is quite handy; it allows you to change the sound setting on the keyboard.

7) Screen: Screen of the P115 is really nice as compared to the P105 model.

8) Both of the Piano P115 an P105 Loves both of them com with the sustain pedal and music rests.

9) Drumbeat: Drumbeat is improved in the P115 as compared to the older version; actually there are two more in newer version. Overall both the piano is terrific.

10) It have one drawback, you have to use the cable to connect the cable which is fiddly. We can use the app for the setting saved, but It will be good to be wireless.

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Conclusion: Piano 105 is the great piano, But If you are going to buy the first one then you should go for the Yamaha P115 model. As it have the more polyphony and more polyphony means better feels of music. Higher polyphony means a painter with more shades which makes the more colorful and beautiful.

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