Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P105 is one the rare digital pianos that has the capability to serve both beginners and experienced pianists alike. It has been described as a versatile piano since it is easy to use and at the same time has comprehensive features, good acoustic sound, and a realistic key action.

This keyboard delivers high quality performance and affordability. It offers the action and sustainability of a big piano which is portable and compact footprint.

Some of the special features that the Yamaha P105 are;

  • Separate Woofers and Speakers: It has separate woofers and speakers on each side of the keyboard aside from others which only have a single full range speaker on both sides. The Yamaha P105 is therefore able to produce low rumbling frequencies and at the same time not affecting the treble. It gives a clean, pure, full and vibrant sound.
  • Weighted Keys: The keys are weighted to well represent the lower register on an acoustic piano. This in addition to the four responsive touch settings which are soft, medium, hard and fixed means that you get quality feel reproduction as well as quality sound.

Types of sound that come with the P105 (Sound Quality):

The piano has a grand voice which is the most innovative and unique. The sound of this piano is called Pure CF because it is a sound sample from the CFIIIS concert grand piano. It produces the most articulate and resonant reproduction of a grand Yamaha piano.

The P105 piano has proven no exception of the acoustic sounds that Yamaha is known for. It gives the mellow and bright sound that Yamaha users have been accustomed to. It emits a rich, full harmonic and dynamic range.

It gives killer sounds like that of the Yamaha YPG-235 which also includes the harpsichords, string pads, drawbar organs, bass fills and Rhodes and Wurly electric pianos.

The best features of the P-105

  • Notes and Chords: It has the ten pianist styles that give the accompaniments to the chord progression. This program goes in line with the notes and chords as you play. The two track midi recorder allow for the capture of all new compositions as well as allowing you to playback and along to the ones still in progress. Music is transferable from the computer to the keyboard as MIDI files this is because it has a USB-to-Host connection.
  • Duet Mode: The duet mode allows one to split the keys in half with similar note ranges which is great for students or teachers. It presents a much easier and efficient way to learn other than plying on two different octaves as on an acoustic piano.
  • Portability: The piano is also portable with a weight of 16.6 kilograms and hence can be moved around with a single hand which makes it a great choice for those who prefer portable instruments.

It has a realistic texture of its keys hence good key action and an attractive LED display.

What’s missing on the Yamaha P105?

  • There are not much complains about the piano but just a few improvements that have been recommended. The piano has no MIDI output connector which therefore requires the use of an on board USB port which requires a USB to MIDI interface cable.
  • The piano allows one to only save 1 user song to its internal memory at a time. Saving more than one song will mean an overwrite or else it has to be save to another device via the USB port.
  • The P105 also needs to consider the inclusion of 14 preset voices and ten inbuilt drum patterns. The speakers of this piano are considered somehow small and hence cannot produce a strong, reverberating sound and the keys are also a little bit noisy.
  • The Yamaha P105 is recommended for beginners as well as intermediate pianists since it is capable of offering service even when one is far much experienced. It does not have a booming sound and has an absolutely superb action and quality.
  • Some of the popular accessories of the Yamaha P105 include; Yamaha L85 keyboard stand, Yamaha LP5A 3- pedal unit for P105B piano, Yamaha BB1 padded wooden piano bench, behringer headphones HMP1000, Alfred’s basic adult all in one course level 3:lesson-theory-solo,Gator cases stretchy covers-fits 88-note keyboards, Gator 88 Note Keyboard gig bag; slim design (GKB-88 SLIM).

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